​​Gulf Coast Alumni Chapter 

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Mission Statement

Alabama State University

Mr. Nathaniel Richardson,  President

Mrs. Hazel Fournier,  Vice President

Mrs. Annie Harris, Recording Secretary

Mrs. Mary B. Franklin,  Financial Secretary

Mrs. Zella Jackson,  Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. Florence E. Doss, Treasurer

The Alumni Director from Alabama State University came to Mobile, Alabama by Mr. Willie Perry to discuss the future of The Gulf Coast Alumni Chapter activities.  This meeting dissolved any ideas of forming a Mobile Alumni Chapter and the general sense of the meeting was to gain a consensus for a single Alumni Chapter in Mobile, Alabama.  Discussions followed which favored combing all Organizational efforts into a single thrust at the October 18, 1986 meeting at Bishop State College.  The end result of the above actions will be a unified organization of strong and interested Alumni who will vigorously pursue the objectives of the Alumni Chapter, the GAA, and Alabama State University.  

The Mobile Alumni Chapter was initially organized in 1973 at the Quality Inn Hotel.  The organization for this Chapter grew out of the University's concern for having a core group in Mobile to assist in the coordination of promotional activities for the Gulf Coast Classic and the general support for the Off-Campus Center in Mobile.  The meeting was attended by approximately thirty-five people, most of whom were members of the Mobile Center's classes in graduate studies.  Mr. Maurice Holt was elected President of the Chapter in that time.


The Gulf Coast Alumni Chapter of The Alabama State University Alumni Association is to facilitate support with graduates and the University.  The chapter will create a community surrounded by the alumni body to ensure the  members will continue  to  contribute their time, talent, and financial support for the betterment of the University.  Also, the chapter will enable us to promote a spirit of unity between former and current students

About Us

After the 1976 GAA  Convention in Pensacola, Florida the Mobile Alumni Chapter's activity status diminished and The Gulf Coast Alumni Chapter was created with Mr. George Langham serving as President.   During 1976 and 1986 the Chapter was trying to move forward by requesting material and correspondence along with communications from Alabama State University.  

Historical Background